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Mahabalipuram BeachMahabalipuram beach in TamilNadu is one of the favoured beach destinations in India. In Mahabalipuram one does not only find a great beach but also a cultural heritage that one can't stop wowing.

Centuries old monuments built of sandy rocks stand proud against the waves on the beaches of Mahabalipuram and amazing rock cut art is displayed.

The shore temples, Rathas and Arjuna’s Penance enchant the traveller to the Mahabalipuram beach.

Mahabalipuram BeachEven though the climate is more or less warm all through teh year, the best time to visit Mahabalipuram is from November to February when it is cooler.

Performances of traditional Indian dances and classical music at the Dance Festival is organized by the Dept. of Tourism Govt of Tamil Nadu.

A crocodile farm and snake venom-extracting centre besides the school of art and sculpture are other tourist attractions nearby.

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