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Bangaram Island

bangaram BeachBangaram Island fringed with pure sand and sight of the moon slipping beneath the lagoon horizon is worth the experience. The adventure seekers chill out with water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, sailing and deep-sea fishing. You can find all sorts of accommodation here according to your Budget. Agatti Island also have some beautiful beaches where snorkeling and diving can be arranged. You can hire a boat to visit nearby islands.

The islandsí pristine waters, unspoilt coral reefs and moderate temperature make it a diverís dream. The best time for diving is from October to May. During the monsoon, diving is still possible in the lagoons or outside the reefs but the weather can really turn rough.

There are daily flights to Agatti Island from Kochi. You can carry only up to 10 kg luggage. From Agatti it is one and half hours boat journey to Bangaram. If you are comfortable with sailing then you can go via boat from Kochi to Kadmat Island.

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