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Palolem BeachPalolem Beach in Goa too is a favoured beach of Goa. Apart from the usual but beautiful palm trees, the beach is hemmed in at either end by rocky craigs and a small green island off the northern tip that can be walked across to at low tide. Many tourists especially backpackers find Palolemís mix of lazy beachside life very relaxing.

The Palolem Beach waters have Dolphins in them. Boats to spot dolphins with local fishermen can be hired. For sightseeing Butterfly beach or Colomb Bay which is a small rocky cove located around southern headland, are good options. Patnem Beach with beach huts and surfing facilities is another option.

Palolem Beach being in Goa has the other attractions of a Goa beach, by way of exotic food, Goa's special entertainment in it's dances, drinks and parties. Goa offers much in terms of nightlife. Being a favoured beach destination it has all kinds of facilities and one has to simply choose according to one's taste or pocket.

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